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Charting a New Course: Flagship Lab Services Pushes the Boundaries of Lab Support

The culmination of Flagship’s partnership with DENS, MLS, and BTS, Flagship Lab Services offers truly scalable lab support services to early-stage Biotechs nationwide.

Building on the knowledge gained through these alliances, as well as Flagship’s decades-long experience serving Biotechs in California, Flagship Lab Services offers integrated lab support and facilities maintenance services to meet the requirements of Biotechs as they progress from R&D through GxP.

Flagship Lab Services relies on these companies' highly specialized service portfolios and Flagship's history of success in the Life Sciences industry to serve start-ups on both the east and west coasts.

Considering the rapid facilities and staff expansion that occurs with R&D success, scalability is crucial to continued progress. Flagship Lab Services is the right size to support Biotechs throughout their funding journeys.


Pivot Quickly and Adapt

Unprecedented times create new challenges and put added pressure on facilities. The ability to change and be fluid is key.

Evolve quickly, reinvent operations procedures, and act fast with adaptable Scopes of Work to protect the health and safety of the facility environment.

Flagship will help develop a Scope of Work that allow your on-site staff to expand/contract to ensure that service delivery is always appropriate for your stage of operations and help control costs.


Lab Services for Early-Stage Biotech

If you are in early stage R&D or pre-clinical trials, Flagship is the only lab services partner that can keep pace with your growth while mitigating risk from improperly maintained lab facilities.

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Mission Critical: Compliance and Safety

Flagship’s attention to detail and our high standards of performance are a perfect match for the demands of biotechs within the Life Sciences industry.

Transparency and Control

Whether we’re engaged in providing lab support services or a full suite of integrated facility maintenance solutions, Flagship’s service delivery model for Life Sciences facilities delivers:

Single point of contact

Regulated training

Advanced technology & analytics

Drive efficiency & cost reduction

Consistent results



The Flagship Environment, Health, and Safety Policy

Flagship is committed to our EHS Policy of enabling all work activities to be carried out safely, and with all possible measures taken to remove risks to the health, safety and welfare of everyone, every day. We continually improve and minimize the risks and hazards of our activities and operations.

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